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I’ll pay you in Visibility!

What? Yes, there are people out there that still think “visibility”, also known as “exposure”, is a currency, and that they can use it to pay for work — especially freelance work! Outrageous idea! but really hard to knock down.

If you can’t fight them, join them,” a wise person said. This site provides a handy reference to effectively value visibility. Now you can choose whether to take the visibility they offer you, or politely ask to give you an adequate amount of another currency. How neat is that?!

Though we love him, we are in no way affiliated with this guy, but this comic explains the situation pretty well.

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The #VIZcoin revolution - Hacker Noon

A few months ago, I saw this tweet. The tweet translates to BREAKING Value of #Visibility slightly rising against the Euro today on the international markets. Forecasts indicate a rise in salaries for #ShittyStartups. I thought it was bitterly funny, so I retweeted it and more or less forgot about it.


If it was not clear, this site is a joke. It’s fake. It doesn’t work. You can’t buy visibility, for the same reason you can’t pay someone in visibility. It simply is not a currency. It is not legal tender anywhere in the World.

You can give us money if you want to support this campaign, it’ll go towards paying for the server it runs on — nope, our ISP does not need any more visibility, they are doing great already!

If you have ever been on the receiving end of a visibility offer, feel free to share this with whoever made this offer to you. If you have ever been on the offering end, please think again before making such an offer.

And if you feel the sudden urge of sending us a message, feel free to get in touch! It costs you nothing to be kind, and it costs us nothing to give you visibility if you are a jerk. 😏